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Next regular club meeting will be on:

 February 6, 2015

Meeting begins at 8:00 PM. Door open at 7:00 PM.


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Net Information

The West Stark Information Net convenes every Friday evening on the club's 147.18 repeater beginning at 8:00 PM. There is no net on club meeting night.

This is a general information net and  accepts all check-ins from the community. Current Net Manager is Tony Casebolt, KD8UXK. Contact him at

Net Managers are currently looking for stations to assist with net control duties. All training will be provided. 

Net Control Operators for January are as follows:

Jan 23 - WD8MIU

Jan 30 - W8DEA

Feb 13 - KD8UXK

Feb 20 - KD8ZTQ

FEB 27 - WC8W


The Massillon MRN Net convenes every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings on 3600 Khz (+or- QRN) at 7:30 PM. 

This net is designed to provide code practice to all participants regardless of skill level. 



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None Currently Posted. 

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It shall be our purpose to further amateur radio by serving the public; to promote technical knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating proficiency; and to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community.


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The ARRL New Public Service Handbook

Amateur Radio Public Service Handbook

 Amateur Radio has consistently been the most reliable means of communications when other systems have failed. Hams work closely with disaster relief agency officials from FEMA, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and other response organizations to offer wireless communications aid. From wildfires and earthquakes to marathons and road races, when getting the message through is critical, ham radio works.

The Amateur Radio Public Service Handbook is for all hams that volunteer their time and skill to serve their communities. It provides knowledge needed for communicating quickly and effectively during disasters, emergencies, and community events, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the Amateur Radio Service and its unique role in supporting the public.

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Stark Co VEC Exam Schedule

The 2015  Stark County VE Exam Schedule has  been  set.

The first test session will be on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at the Stark County EMA Office.  The next test session will be on Saturday, May 9th also at the Stark Co EMA.

Go to our VEC Page for complete details.



June 28-29, 2014

Thanks to everyone for another great Field Day ! 






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What is the MARC ?

Since 1927, the Massillon Amateur Radio Club has been a diverse radio hobbyist club that is currently over 80 members strong. Active within our community as well as an ARRL Special Service Club, we are actively involved in many facets of Amateur Radio, including Public Service, Membership, Field Day, Repeaters, Amateur Television (ATV), Skywarn plus many other interests. Learn More....

Hello !  This is Amateur Radio !  

February Mentoring Class Info  

  (Jan 26, 2015) - -  Thanks to those of you that signed up for the February 7th mentoring session on kit building, and to those that are coming to help out with the build.  If you're receiving this, I have your name either as someone that will be building a kit or helping out with the build. 


As you probably know, we'll be building a "Variable Offset Attenuator", which will help you in close-in work in fox hunts. This is the kit we will be building (the 2MHz offset version):

It's worth reading the info on that web page to see what we will be building. In addition to that kit, we will be providing an enclosure for it and BNC connectors to complete your project.  We're planning on having a fox transmitter there as well so you can try out your new kit!


We will be starting promptly at 9AM with a short session on the theory of operation of what we're about to build along with some tips and tricks to soldering things together without hurting yourself, melting your kit, or starting a fire. Following that we'll get down to business building and testing our kits. 


Where the Massillon Radio club holds their monthly meetings: 

Massillon Senior Citizens Center, 39 Lincoln Way West, Massillon, OH 44647

Talk-in on the 147.180 Repeater (PL 110.9) 

For the session, please bring these items with you if you have them - or see the notes on each item:

  1. If you are building a kit to take home with you, bring $28 in the form of cash, check, credit card, or PayPal to This will cover the cost of the kit ($26), the BNC connectors ($0.98/pair), and the enclosure ($0.87), and shipping spread out over the group. 
  2. One good 9v battery, alkaline or otherwise.  This will power your attenuator kit.
  3. Soldering Iron: If you have a soldering iron, bring it along.  Almost any 20 to 50 watt iron will work, preferably with a small to medium pencil tip.  Chisel tips will also work for this as it is is a fairly simple build. If you don't have one, don't worry, we will have a few you can borrow. For this particular build, a larger soldering gun won't be a good choice. If you want to buy one for yourself ahead of time, here's a few examples that will work nicely and will serve you well in future work:
  4. A stand for your soldering iron: If you have some sort of stand for your soldering iron to hold it while it's in use, that would be helpful
  5. If you have one, a small sponge or solder cleaning pad.  We will have alternatives available if you don't have one.
  6. Solder: If you have rosin core electronics solder, bring some. Something in the 0.05" size will work well, although it isn't critical.  If you don't have any, we will have some available you can use. If you want to buy some, here's some examples of what we will use:
  7. If you have one, a handheld 2 meter transceiver (HT): Pretty much anything will work, although one with a signal strength meter is desirable.
  8. A cable at least 6" long (longer is ok) that will go between your HT's connector on one side with a male BNC on the other, or some combination of adapters to get to this configuration.  This will connect your HT to the attenuator. This might be a cable you already have to connect your HT to an outside antenna.
  9. Completely optional: If you have one you want to try, bring your fox hunt antenna to test out your whole system.

And no respectable gathering of amateur radio operators would be complete without saying:

  -- Coffee and donuts will be provided! -- 

I'll send another update with additional information and reminder in a few days, but wanted to give everyone a head start what we'll need. 

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

  - John, N8CD

Proper Station Grounding Class  

    (Jan 18, 2015) - - The clubs first Mentoring Program was held on Saturday, Jan 17th with about 20 members and guests in attendance. The class was held at the Massillon Senior Center.

This months Mentor was James Andrews, KD8VT and the class covered proper station grounding for your shack. The training included a very informative powerpoint presentation and lecture from James. The attendees learned the basics of station grounding including lightning protection for your equipment and tower installations. James also included some show & tell on various types of coax and hard line usage.

The club provided coffee and donuts for the morning. Thanks also to James XYL who brought an assortment of cookie's and cupcakes.

The presentation was excellent and well received by everyone. James also will provide a copy of the powerpoint that will be posted to the club's website for those who couldn't attend.

Our first Mentoring Class was well received by the attendee's

DX Engineering Open House  

See parts for DX Engineering   (Jan 18, 2015) -  -  Members of the MARC and amateurs around the area attended MFJ Day at DX Engineering on Saturday, January 10th.

This was a perfect opportunity for Ham Radio enthusiasts to shake off the winter doldrums and make some "eyeball" QSOs with friends. Martin F. Jue and the DX Engineering staff were on hand for consultation, technical advice and new product information.

I saw many folks carrying out new purchases thanks to the many deals being offered. A good time was had by all and we look forward to the next "Open House".

A nice crowd arrived at DX Engineering !

The store was stocked with good prices !

The small show room was busy with folks !

Club Mentoring Program Schedule  

  (Dec 5, 2014)  - - This is an update to the February 7th Mentoring Project that will be presented by John, N8CD.

The program for the February 7th Mentoring program will be the construction of a Variable Offset Attenuator, very useful for close-in work during Fox Hunts. The session will run from 9:00 AM till 11:00 AM and will be held at the Massillon Senior Center.

It will be build from a small kit available from Marvin, KE6HTS. In the process you will learn a little about soldering, get some practice with it, learn the theory on how the kit works and hopefully have a generally good time. Here is the link where you can about the kit.

In order to have enough kits on hand, we need to know how many folks will be attending. You don't have to pre-register before the December 19th deadline, but we can't guarantee there will be enough kits available for everyone.  The cost for the kit should be around $26.00. Payment will be due at the February 7th session.

If you would like to participate in the mentoring program please contact either John at  or Wade at

This is a great way to spend some time learning about kit building and enjoying time with your fellow club members. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the Mentoring Program !

Coffee and donuts will be available.

Massillon Holiday Parade  

(Nov 25, 2014)  - - The MARC just finished assisting with the 60th Annual Massillon Holiday Parade sponsored by Massillon Main Street and the Downtown Massillon Association. This continues to remain the oldest public service event that is handled by the club and our responsibilities have grown over recent years to include many aspects of parade operation. The parade was rebroadcast over Massillon Cable TV and I hope some of you had a chance to view it. The club trailer looked great on the route with our new decorations and special thanks to Jim Farriss - WA8GXM for pulling the trailer in the parade.

In the early years of the parade, we provided only communications support to the Massillon JCs organization who handled the staging of all the parade units. When they disbanded, the city struggled to find volunteers willing to take on this task. Since the MARC handled communications support, somehow we got nominated to take on this responsibility as well.

A few years later, Massillon Cable began filming the parade in conjunction with the Massillon High School Communications Department and again the club was called upon to assist with this part of the parade also. Last minute omissions or changes to the parade line up are passed on to the production crew so that the announcers can follow along with the parade units. We had experience with this as well as amateurs routinely handle staging activities including TV production control relay duties at the Hall of Fame Festival Community Parade. The Holiday Parade has depended on this ever since.

Over the past several years the parade has been sponsored by the Downtown Merchants Association with President Donald Harwig serving as Parade Chairman. During this time and before the club has always been there to make sure the parade is properly staged and starts on time down the parade route. We have become an integral part of the parade and I wonder if they could pull it off without us.

Im glad to report another successful public service event with very few problems thanks to our communications and parade skills. Over 47 years and counting Santa has arrived in the city in no small part thanks to the MARC.

Parade Organizers and Communications Coordinator Perry Ballinger, W8AU express their appreciation to the MARC for their continued support of this annual holiday parade. The following club members assisted with this years event.

Perry Ballinger - W8AU, Bud Harvey - WA8KWD, Steve Hall - KD8ACF, Igor Nikishin - K8INN, Bill Maurer - KD8LCS, Dan Anastis - N8DZM, Wade Huthmacher - WD8MIU, Gary Kline - WC8W, Jim Farriss - WA8GXM, Tom Gill - KC8QOD, Joe Herrick - WD8BGW, Terry Russ - N8ATZ, Ralph Bugg - K8HSQ, Jeff McKinney - KC8KIX, Alan Looney - AC8RY, John Wagner - N8CD and John Kocher - N8ZXB. This event provided 68 hours of community service.

MARC Hamfest Information  

   (Oct 6, 2014) - - The Massillon Amateur Radio Club will once again sponsor our 54th Annual Hamfest and Auction on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at the Massillon Boy's & Girls Club. The club is located at 730 Duncan Street SW, Massillon, OH 44646.

Thanks everyone for another fun and successful hamfest !

New Club Repeater Updates  

  (Nov 17, 2014) - - As many of our club members have noticed, we have a new 147.18 repeater in operation. It is a Yaesu "Fusion" DR-1X Multi-Mode repeater. What is a Multi-Mode repeater you ask? Unlike the Icom D-Star system, the Fusion will function with both digital and analog radios. The Fusion system uses what is called "C4FM FDMA" digital encoding and is not compatible with other digital modes such as D-Star, DMR, NXDN and P25.

Because it is compatible with existing analog radios, nobody will be required to buy new radios, but when it comes to replace your existing mobile or HT, you may want to consider a Multi-Mode version.

The new repeater has been in service since October 27, 2014. During the short time we've had it on the air, it has been getting rave reviews. If you thought our previous repeater had good performance, you will be pleasantly surprised at the way the new one is working.

So far, only analog radios have been in use. Digital radios will be showing up before long. When digital mode is in effect, you will hear what sounds like a rush of noise on your analog radios. To eliminate this noise, you will need to enable your CTCSS (PL) decode. The repeater still uses the 110.9 Hz CTCSS to gain access and also transmits the same CTCSS tone when transmitting in the analog mode. The tone is not present when in the digital mode, so your CTCSS decode will block the noise.

Presently only a small group of club members are using the new Yeasu digital style radio's and there has been very little digital voice showing up on the repeater.

We are still learning the operational characteristics of the new repeater and we will pass along updates as we are able.

Our thanks to the members of the club for purchasing this new technology that will take the MARC into tomorrow's world of communication !

De Ralph, K8HSQ - MARC President.

Field Day Final Report  

  (Aug 25, 2014) - - Field Day 2014 was again held at Petro's Park and the final scores have been calculated and submitted to the ARRL by our club Treasurer Gary Kline, WC8W.

Club turnout was pretty good with about 35 members and guests attending throughout the weekend.

The final score submitted to the ARRL is shown below.

80 182 15
40 227 80
20 43 230
15 41 34
6 20 30
GOTA   24

Total QSO's was 513 on CW and 427 on Phone. Claimed score - 2,910.  Bonus Points - 820.

Total Score submitted - 3,730.


Why An Antenna Radiates  

   (Mar 31, 2014) - - During our Technician Class, club member Fred Reed, KD8SMO brought to our attention a good article he came upon regarding amateur antenna theory. The title is "Why an Antenna Radiates" and was first published by QST Magazine in November 1992. The author was Kenneth Macleish, W7TX.

This is a very interesting article and is worth reading for all radio operators. We originally thought about adding it to the club newsletter but we only have a finite amount of space available each month. We don't have this limit on the website and have added the complete pdf article for you to download and read.

Thanks to Fred for bringing this story to our attention, we hope you enjoy reading it !   Click Here to download the pdf.


Annual Awards Banquet Recap  

 (Jan 20, 2014) - - The Massillon Amateur Radio Club's Annual Awards Banquet was held on Saturday, January 11th at the Massillon Senior Center, the home of the MARC with nearly 60 members and guests attending, our largest gathering in many years. It was a great event with great fun, great food and the presentation of many well deserved service awards.

A full recap of the evenings event including pictures of this years award recipients is covered on our Banquet Page. Make sure you have a look ! Special thanks to Charlie, KB8STV for all the fine pictures !.

A Bit of Repeater History !

  The clubs 147.18 Repeater is the high profile wide area coverage repeater in Western Stark county and has been for quite some time. But it wasn't always so, in fact at one time it was not even a repeater at all !  Learn about the colorful history of the repeater thanks to an early issue of the clubs newsletter that I recently found.

 Click here to read the full story.

What is the MARC ?

Since 1927, the Massillon Amateur Radio Club has been a diverse radio hobbyist club that is currently over 80 members strong. Active within our community as well as an ARRL Special Service Club, we are actively involved in many facets of Amateur Radio, including Public Service, Membership, Field Day, Repeaters, Amateur Television (ATV), Skywarn plus many other interests. 

You are welcome to join us at our monthly club meetings held on the first Friday of each month at 8:00 PM at the Massillon Senior Citizens Center, located at 39 Lincoln Way West, Massillon, Ohio 44647. We usually monitor the club's 147.18 repeater, give us a call and we'll guide you in !

MARC owns and operates repeaters in the 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands. Our annual Hamfest is held at the Massillon Boy's & Girls Club in Massillon. We have a large indoor hamfest area, as well as ample outdoor parking. The prizes are some of the best you'll find at any area hamfest and the bargains are many.As a club member, not only will you have access to the autopatches on our 2m and 70 cm repeaters, but you will also receive a monthly subscription to our newsletter, Feedback. In each issue you will find published, the minutes of the previous month's meeting, informative articles, and interesting narratives by our club members.

  The club owns an emergency response communications trailer that is stocked with radio equipment and back up batteries, as well as a generator. With little notice, MARC can have an emergency station on the air, ready to provide any help we can. Our club station, located at the Senior Center, contains an HF station, VHF and UHF gear, and a computer system. The station is open to any club member, during the hours that the center is open. The club also sponsors quarterly VE Exams quarterly at the Emergency Operations Center located at the Stark County Sheriff's office and during our annual Hamfest. Please check the link for times and specific dates.


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 February 7th Mentoring Class on Kit Building.

Mansfield Hamfest on Sunday, February 15th at the Richland Co Fairgrounds.




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Q.  Do I have to give my call sign at the beginning of a contact ?
A.  You only have to ID at the end of the QSO and at least once every 10 minutes during it's course as per Article 97.119(a). There is no requirement to transmit your call at the beginning of a contact but it is customary when calling another station to give your call as part of the exchange so the other station knows who is calling him !
Q.  How often do I have to give the call sign of the station I'm talking to ?
A.  You are not legally required to mention the other amateur's call at all per Article 97.119(a). The only exception is when handling traffic with foreign stations - you must then give the other station's call sign at the end of an exchange of third party traffic per Article 97.115(c).  



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We keep the rules simple.

The Fox shall be within Massillon City limits and on public property.

The Massillon Senior Center will be used as starting point.

The first person to find the fox gets to hide it the following month.

Use any equipment you have to find the fox.

Any and all are welcome to join the fun and enjoy the hunt !

The Search for the Elusive Fox !

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