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Next regular club meeting will be on:

 May 6, 2016

Meeting begins at 8:00 PM. Doors open at 7:00 PM.


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Net Information

The West Stark Information Net convenes every Friday evening on the club's 147.18 repeater beginning at 8:00 PM. There is no net on club meeting night.

This is a general information net and  accepts all check-ins from the community. Current Net Manager is Tony Casebolt, KD8UXK. Contact him at

Net Managers are currently looking for stations to assist with net control duties. All training will be provided. 

Net Control Operators for April are as follows:

Apr 15 - KD8UXK

Apr 22 - WD8MIU

Apr 29 - N8COM


The Massillon MRN Net convenes every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings on 3600 Khz (+or- QRN) at 7:30 PM. 

This net is designed to provide code practice to all participants regardless of skill level. 



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Our Mission
It shall be our purpose to further amateur radio by serving the public; to promote technical knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating proficiency; and to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community.


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The Stark County ARES Website provides the latest Public Service News. Click Below to visit their site.


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The ARRL New Public Service Handbook

Amateur Radio Public Service Handbook

 Amateur Radio has consistently been the most reliable means of communications when other systems have failed. Hams work closely with disaster relief agency officials from FEMA, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and other response organizations to offer wireless communications aid. From wildfires and earthquakes to marathons and road races, when getting the message through is critical, ham radio works.

The Amateur Radio Public Service Handbook is for all hams that volunteer their time and skill to serve their communities. It provides knowledge needed for communicating quickly and effectively during disasters, emergencies, and community events, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the Amateur Radio Service and its unique role in supporting the public.

Click Here for more info !


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Stark Co VEC Exam Schedule

The 2016  Stark County VE Exam Schedule is posted below.

The next test session will be held on Saturday, May 14th. Registration begins at 8:00 AM. 

Go to our VEC Page for complete details.








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Our club repeater is always available for all operators. Use PL 110.9 Hz.

Try out your Yeasu Digital Voice radio's on our Fusion equipped UHF Repeater on 442.85 Mhz.


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What is the MARC ?

Since 1927, the Massillon Amateur Radio Club has been a diverse radio hobbyist club that is currently over 80 members strong. Active within our community as well as an ARRL Special Service Club, we are actively involved in many facets of Amateur Radio, including Public Service, Membership, Field Day, Repeaters, Amateur Television (ATV), Skywarn plus many other interests. Learn More....

This Is Amateur Radio  !   

NCVEC Announces Release of 2016 Amateur Extra Question Pool  

  (Mar 13, 2016) - -  The National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC) has released the third revision of the Amateur Extra class (Element 4) question pool that goes into effect on July 1. This revision supplants the Element 4 question pools released on January 8 and February 5 and includes two errata of corrections, modifications, and various editorial changes. The Element 4 question pool diagrams are in a separate document.

“We would like to remind the public that users of question pool documents are free to correct minor typographical or punctuation errors, including obvious minor omissions of same,” the NCVEC Question Pool Committee said in releasing this revision. “Such corrections must not cause a change in the meaning of a question or any of the proposed answers to the questions.”

The QPC notes that FCC Part 97 rule citations are not a part of the exam question itself, but are included for reference purposes, and that errors in or changes to Part 97 are not considered adequate reason to remove a question from the pool.

MARC Technician Class Info  

  (Mar 5, 2016) - -  The MARC will again sponsor their annual Technician Class and Code Proficiency training starting on Friday, March 11th at 7:00 PM at the Massillon Senior Center 3rd floor.

Class will run each Friday evening for 2 hours and will last approximately eight weeks. This year the cost of the training will be $10.00 to help cover the cost of the facility rental. Perry - W8AU will teach the code proficiency class in the club shack. Gary - WC8W and Terry - N8ATZ will teach the Technician Class and will be using the ARRL Technician Class License Class Manual.

Contact Club Treasurer and class instructor Gary Kline, WC8W at or call 330-844-6371 for additional information. Perry, W8AU can be reached at or phone to 330-705-8449.

"Frequency" TV Series Now Planned for CW Network  

Jim Caviezel at his ham radio in the movie "Frequency."  (Feb 25, 2016) - -  The buzz from Hollywood is that a TV series based on the 2000 movie “Frequency” now is in development on — appropriately enough for a show featuring ham radio — the CW. Amateur Radio served as a plot device in the movie and will do the same in the TV series.

In November 2014, The Hollywood Reporter indicated that NBC had committed to a “Frequency” series, but those plans apparently fell by the wayside.

Now, the CW has ordered a pilot episode of “Frequency,” and if the network does go forward with the project, the modern-day version of “Frequency” the TV series would feature a young female police detective named Raimy, who uses ham radio to communicate through time with her deceased father, played by Riley Smith. Actress Peyton List is said to have landed to role of Raimy, reprising Jim Caviezel’s movie character.

When the original “Frequency” movie debuted, the ham radio theme and the chance to see vintage ham gear and real, glowing vacuum tubes on the big screen generated considerable interest within the Boat Anchor community.

The ARRL worked with the film’s producers.

March Program Details UPDATED !  

  (Feb 21, 2016) - - Our scheduled March program was to have been presented by club member Don Wade, W8DEA on his recent FEMA assignment. Due to scheduling difficulties, this program will have to be postponed until later this year.

Fear not however, we have a very nice backup program that we will have for you at the March meeting. Several months back an interesting article appeared in either QST or CQ Magazine that covered how well the new series of handhelds performed up against the current big three manufacturer's (Icom, Yaesu and Kenwood). The results were a bit of a surprise as many of the current crop of very low priced HT's did not fair well during compliance testing. How about yours ?

Club President Ralph Bugg, K8HSQ will bring along his portable spectrum analyzer to the meeting and will be happy to run a simple test on your HT to see how clean your output signal is. It is simple and quick to test. Just make sure you bring your HT and it's antenna. I know we all have at least one handheld, I have one for every day of the week !

So make sure you bring it along to the meeting and let us put it to the test !


Our fill-in program on HT Purity testing yielded some very interesting results as we expected it to. The two pictures below show the results of testing on two common manufacturers of current HT's.  One was the new infusion of a China made model BAOFENG - UV-5RA and the current Yeasu FT2D Digital HT. Several HT types were tested along with a few commercial models.

Have a look and make up your own mind !


This shot is from the Yeasu FT2D. The tall vertical trace on the left shows a nice signal with only a few spurious emissions shown by shorter vertical lines to the right.


This shot is from the China made Baofeng UV-5RA. While the signals are similar you can easily see multiple spurious emissions on the right. A slightly "dirty" radio signal.

In all, about 15 handhelds were tested with various results. Not scientific but it would appear that you do indeed get what you pay for !

February Program on NPOTA  

  (Feb 6, 2016) - - The February club program was given by our Affiliated Club Coordinator John Meyer, KD8MQ who gave us a great introduction to this years major ARRL operating event, National Parks On The Air.

John's powerpoint presentation gave us the full details of this nationwide operating event that promises to be very exciting and give plenty of fun operating for everyone. This event will help the NPS celebrate their 100th Anniversary.

Hams from across the country will activate NPS units, and promote the National Parks Service and showcase Amateur Radio to the public. The club may even explore the possibility of operating from one of the nearby NPS units.

John had a great presentation at the meeting

Steve Hall, KD8ACF Merit Award  

  (Feb 6, 2016) -  - In recognition of his continuing service to the club in many areas throughout 2015 and before, member Steve Hall, KD8ACF was presented a Special Recognition Award at the February meeting. A special thanks to Steve for his dedication to the club year after year !



Steve Hall, KD8ACF (R) receives his Special Recognition Award

Tom Gallagher, NY2RF Will Succeed David Sumner, K1ZZ as ARRL CEO  

    (Jan 26, 2016) - - Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, of West Palm Beach, Florida, will succeed David Sumner, K1ZZ, as the chief executive officer of ARRL, effective April 18. In that role, he will oversee all activities at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut. Meeting in a special webinar session on January 25, all 15 ARRL Directors voted to elect Gallagher as CEO and Secretary, positions that Sumner will relinquish on April 18. Gallagher will join the ARRL staff as CEO-Elect on February 29, and a transition period will follow.

“I am excited by the prospects of ARRL’s Second Century, but I am equally mindful of Dave Sumner’s enormous 4-decade contribution to our organization and of the extraordinary contributions he has made to advancing the art and science of Amateur Radio, to growing our ranks, and to expanding the sheer enjoyment of ham radio around the world,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher said he is looking forward to attending the ARRL 2016 National Convention, hosted by the Orlando HamCation, February 12-14. Read More....

Annual Dues Announcement  


  (Dec 5, 2016) - - Beginning in January, annual club dues will be collected for the 2016 fiscal year. Dues remain at $15.00 per person for full membership, $7.50 for XYL and children. Your membership will remain current until March 31, 2016.

Please make you payment to the MARC and remit to club treasurer Gary Kline.

Please consider renewing your membership to the club to help support all of our annual activities including Field Day and our annual Hamfest. Dues also support our multiple wide area coverage repeater systems.  We don't want to lose a single member !

Club Repeater Updates  

 (Nov 9, 2015) - - The club Technical Committee recently completed a few repairs and upgrades to several of our repeaters that now effect their general operation.

The Affinity Medical Center 442.85 repeater system has had an upgrade with new hardline and a replacement Diamond antenna. In addition, the Johnson Repeater was retuned and the receiver pre-amp was reinstalled.

This work was done to facilitate it's use during the upcoming Massillon Holiday Parade on Saturday, Nov 21st. The system is now back to it's full operating capacity and running very well.  The PL tone to operate this repeater is 131.8 Hz. This system was primarily designed to enhance our Skywarn operations with the hospital with a coverage pattern designed to cover the general downtown area.

Our newest Yaesu System Fusion 442.85 repeater will remain on the air to support digital operations. It's PL access tone has been changed to 110.9 Hz. This should allow both systems to easily co-exist with minimal interference. You can easily tell which repeater you are on as the system at Affinity Hospital is using our original CAT Controller which has a reset tone.

Feel free to use either system you like, both are fully operational !

National Parks On The Air in 2016  

  (Oct 17, 2015) - -  In 2016, the National Park Service (NPS) will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and radio amateurs will be able to help mark the occasion with the ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event. The fun begins at 0000 UTC on January 1, 2016.

“As ARRL just celebrated our own Centennial, and Amateur Radio is often enjoyed in the great outdoors, it seemed fitting to devise a program to help NPS celebrate their own 100th birthday,” said ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X. As he explained, NPOTA will run throughout 2016, with activity promoted and encouraged from each of the more than 430 official NPS administrative units and affiliated areas across the US. This includes all 59 National Parks as well as National Battlefields, Historic Sites, Memorials, Preserves, Reserves, Rivers, Seashores, National Scenic Trails, and other units.

The program will have two participation tracks — Chasers and Activators. Chasers will simply attempt to make contact with operators in as many of the NPS units as possible. Activators will attempt to activate as many of the units as possible. NPOTA participants may serve in both roles. Chaser and Activator totals will be tracked via an online Leader Board based on LoTW data, just as was done during the Centennial QSO Party. (Access the NPOTA Leader Board directly at

Modeled after the Mixed DXCC award, only one contact with any given NPS unit will be required, and no tally will be kept of NPS units based on bands or modes. NPOTA will be administered entirely through Logbook of The World (LoTW). No paper logs or QSLs will be accepted for NPOTA credit. Each NPS unit will be added to LoTW as a “location.”

Three award certificates will be available: Chaser Award and Activator Award certificates will be available to any radio amateur who has at least one confirmed contact with an NPS unit or who activates at least one unit, respectively. A station’s total number of confirmed or activated units will be printed on the certificate. The National Parks Honor Roll certificate will be available for any station that confirms contact with at least 75 percent of the 59 National Parks activated in 2016. Read More....

In Memoriam to our dear friend and member Ed Clinger, WA8DRT  

(Jul 5, 2015) - -  At age 86, Ed passed away on Tuesday June 23, 2015. Born in Harpster, Ohio the son of the late Clifford and Orel (Swihart) Clinger, he had been a resident of East Sparta and the Canton area since 1940. Ed was a 1947 graduate of East Sparta High School. He retired from Ashland Oil Refinery in 1989 after 36 years of service where he was an area supervisor. He was a member of the Ashland Oil Retirees Club, Otterbein United Methodist Church—Navarre, The Canton Amateur Radio Club and the Massillon Amateur Radio Club and Quarter Century Wireless Association Chapter # 21; Ed’s Call sign was WA8DRT, Ed’s humorous phonetics were “ Whiskey Delta 8 Dirty Rotten Tomato” Ed was also a member of Caldwell Lodge #330, F.A.& M. in Bolivar, A.A.S.R. Valley of Canton, the Mercy Medical Center Ostomy Club, Wilderness Center Nature Photo Club and he served in the U.S. Naval Reserve.

Proceeded in death by his son, Jay Clinger. Survived by his wife, Doris Clinger; two daughters and sons-in—law Jamie Sue and Steve Voican, of Massillon, and Robyn and Roy Adkins of Lake Butler, Fla.: two sons and daughters –in-law Stanton and Lois Clinger of Broomfield, Colo, and Stephen and /Karen Clinger of Boalsburg, Pa; one sister, Lois Armington, of Willoughby, Ohio; and ten grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.

As per Ed’s wishes he was cremated. A memorial will be held at a later date at the Otterbein United Methodist Church– Navarre. Service information will appear in the Repository and on the Funeral Home website closer to the Service date. Instead of sending flowers, contributions in Ed’s memory may be made to the Otterbein Methodist Church –Navarre, 6025 Shepler Church Ave SW, Navarre, Ohio 44662 or the American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 22718 , Oklahoma City, OK 73123-1718. The Finefrock—Gordon Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Condolences may be left at:

Our Most Sincere Condolences to the Family of Ed Clinger. 73’s good friend we wily surely miss you!

Our dear friend and member Ed, WA8DRT (R)

April Meeting - ARRL Night  

    (Apr 4, 2015) - - Our April meeting was our annual ARRL Night as our Special Guest was Ohio Section Manager Scott Yonally, N8SY. Also attending was our Affiliated Club Coordinator John Myers, KD8MQ. Scott's annual visit included current happenings within the Ohio Section and the renewed importance of public service and active club participation in our community.

His visit also included a presentation of our active renewal for our ARRL Special Club Status. This elite ARRL status recognizes a affiliated club that goes above and beyond for their community and for Amateur Radio is what defines a Special Service Club. They are leaders in their Amateur Radio community who provide active training classes, publicity programs, and actively pursue technical projects and operating activities.

Thanks to the clubs strong belief in our hobby and our community, we have been a Special Service Club for the last ten years.


Affiliated Club Coordinator John Myers, KD8MQ (L) presents President Ralph, K8HSQ with our renewed Special Service Club Certificate.

March Mentoring Class  

   (UPDATED) (Mar 7, 2015) - - -  Continuing on the current theme of kit building and fox hunting, the March Mentoring Class covered the construction of a Tape Measure Beam for Fox Hunting.

The class was held at the Massillon Senior Center on Saturday, March 7th.  This months Mentor was Dan Anastas, N8DZM our resident Fox Hunter. A kit of parts needed to construct the Tape Measure Beam was provided for $13.00.

Dan coached the builders on the construction of the beam antenna providing some theory on its design and operation.

This will continue in our April Mentoring Class which will be on learning how to Fox Hunt and will give you a chance to use both your Attenuator and Tape Measure Beam. This class will be held on Saturday, April 11th also at the Massillon Senior Center. Additional details will follow. Our thanks to club member John, N8CD for the great pictures !.

Mentor Dan, N8DZM oversees our beam builders

Wade, WD8MIU put the final touches on his new DF beam

Dan (R) checks the final DF Beam for Thomas, KC8ZEH

Another successful Mentoring Session !

Awards Banquet Update  

 (Feb 8, 2015) - -   The Massillon Amateur Radio Club's Annual Awards Banquet was held on Saturday, January 10th at the Massillon Senior Center, the home of the MARC with nearly 50 members and guests attending.

After opening remarks from outgoing President Ralph Bugg, K8HSQ, we enjoyed a fine hometown meal with all the trimmings including lots of great desserts catered by our own club member Shirley Treacle.  A complete wrap-up of the evenings events including the awards recipients is posted on our Banquet Page.

February Mentoring Class Info  

   (UPDATE) (Feb 7, 2015) - -  Our February Mentoring Program was conducted on Saturday, Feb 7tg at the Senior Center. This training was conducted by John Wagner, N8CD and was part of a series on Direction Finding. This part was on the construction of a Variable Offset (Active) Attenuator built from a kit.

John began with the basics of soldering, a skill all radio operators should have. This included proper safety techniques, the theory of how an attenuator works and testing out the kit when completed.

Approximately 10 club members took part in this session including builders and mentors. John's program included an excellent powerpoint presentation following step by step help and guidance in building the K0OV kit from Marvin West, KE6HTS. The kit included a great looking case from the famous Altoids Mint Tin.

Everyone had a fun time during this mentoring session and learned a lot. We especially want to thank John, N8CD for the time he spent preparing this training session including the individual help he and his mentors provided the members. Everyone's kit went together fine and all worked !

Our March and April Mentoring Sessions will continue this theme as we build the famous Tape-Measure Beam used for DX'ing and some actual field training during April.

John has made available the powerpoint presentation for those who missed the training. You can view it by clicking the following link.

Some pictures of the event are posted below...


The members enjoyed a great presentation


The build station with lots of help provided !

Proper Station Grounding Class  

    (Jan 18, 2015) - - The clubs first Mentoring Program was held on Saturday, Jan 17th with about 20 members and guests in attendance. The class was held at the Massillon Senior Center.

This months Mentor was James Andrews, KD8VT and the class covered proper station grounding for your shack. The training included a very informative powerpoint presentation and lecture from James. The attendees learned the basics of station grounding including lightning protection for your equipment and tower installations. James also included some show & tell on various types of coax and hard line usage.

The club provided coffee and donuts for the morning. Thanks also to James XYL who brought an assortment of cookie's and cupcakes.

The presentation was excellent and well received by everyone. James also will provide a copy of the powerpoint that will be posted to the club's website for those who couldn't attend.

Our first Mentoring Class was well received by the attendee's

DX Engineering Open House  

See parts for DX Engineering    (Jan 18, 2015) -  -  Members of the MARC and amateurs around the area attended MFJ Day at DX Engineering on Saturday, January 10th.

This was a perfect opportunity for Ham Radio enthusiasts to shake off the winter doldrums and make some "eyeball" QSOs with friends. Martin F. Jue and the DX Engineering staff were on hand for consultation, technical advice and new product information.

I saw many folks carrying out new purchases thanks to the many deals being offered. A good time was had by all and we look forward to the next "Open House".

A nice crowd arrived at DX Engineering !

The store was stocked with good prices !

The small show room was busy with folks !


A Bit of Repeater History !

  The clubs 147.18 Repeater is the high profile wide area coverage repeater in Western Stark county and has been for quite some time. But it wasn't always so, in fact at one time it was not even a repeater at all !  Learn about the colorful history of the repeater thanks to an early issue of the clubs newsletter that I recently found.

 Click here to read the full story.

What is the MARC ?

Since 1927, the Massillon Amateur Radio Club has been a diverse radio hobbyist club that is currently over 80 members strong. Active within our community as well as an ARRL Special Service Club, we are actively involved in many facets of Amateur Radio, including Public Service, Membership, Field Day, Repeaters, Amateur Television (ATV), Skywarn plus many other interests. 

You are welcome to join us at our monthly club meetings held on the first Friday of each month at 8:00 PM at the Massillon Senior Citizens Center, located at 39 Lincoln Way West, Massillon, Ohio 44647. We usually monitor the club's 147.18 repeater, give us a call and we'll guide you in !

MARC owns and operates repeaters in the 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands. Our annual Hamfest is held at the Massillon Boy's & Girls Club in Massillon. We have a large indoor hamfest area, as well as ample outdoor parking. The prizes are some of the best you'll find at any area hamfest and the bargains are many.As a club member, not only will you have access to the autopatches on our 2m and 70 cm repeaters, but you will also receive a monthly subscription to our newsletter, Feedback. In each issue you will find published, the minutes of the previous month's meeting, informative articles, and interesting narratives by our club members.

  The club owns an emergency response communications trailer that is stocked with radio equipment and back up batteries, as well as a generator. With little notice, MARC can have an emergency station on the air, ready to provide any help we can. Our club station, located at the Senior Center, contains an HF station, VHF and UHF gear, and a computer system. The station is open to any club member, during the hours that the center is open. The club also sponsors quarterly VE Exams quarterly at the Emergency Operations Center located at the Stark County Sheriff's office and during our annual Hamfest. Please check the link for times and specific dates.


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Amateur Radio Operators Active During Severe Tornado Breakout in Northwestern Ohio

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ARRL COO Testifies On Capital Hill to Amateur Radio's Value in Disaster.

The Way Back Machine Story.



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The FCC Question Corner
Just exactly when do I have to ID my station ?
Q & A on Station Identification.
Q.  Do I have to give my call sign at the beginning of a contact ?
A.  You only have to ID at the end of the QSO and at least once every 10 minutes during it's course as per Article 97.119(a). There is no requirement to transmit your call at the beginning of a contact but it is customary when calling another station to give your call as part of the exchange so the other station knows who is calling him !
Q.  How often do I have to give the call sign of the station I'm talking to ?
A.  You are not legally required to mention the other amateur's call at all per Article 97.119(a). The only exception is when handling traffic with foreign stations - you must then give the other station's call sign at the end of an exchange of third party traffic per Article 97.115(c).  



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News items currently included are the current copy of the Ohio Section Journal, and general section news from Section Manager Scott Yonally, N8SY.


  FOX Hunt News

The MARC sponsors  FOX Hunts to increase technical knowledge in this area and most of all to have fun !. 

We keep the rules simple.

The Fox shall be within Massillon City limits and on public property.

The Massillon Senior Center will be used as starting point.

The first person to find the fox gets to hide it the following month.

Use any equipment you have to find the fox.

Any and all are welcome to join the fun and enjoy the hunt !

The Search for the Elusive Fox !

Learn all about Fox Hunting at
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